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My Weekly Tweetings

Published on September 28, 2010 by in Blog
  • My Twitter Rank is "Cool Person". What's your Rank? http://twit-rank.com #TwitRank #
  • about to start my mandatory online Information Security Course…oh the joy #
  • nearly ready to launch my new site 🙂 but got some thumbnail issues after my hosting move…im sure its a 777 issue lol #
  • w00t love my host, can finally auto-upgrade wordpress and plugins 🙂 #
  • DNS all updated, after some gentle tweaking all seems to be well 🙂 thanks @thiswebhost #
  • ok all transferred, DNS updating now, cant believe how easy that was!! @thiswebhost are GREAT!! 🙂 ok enough geeking out tonight, night all #
  • am transferring to @thiswebhost to get some better hosting 🙂 @kinecticboom affiliate fees for you 😉 #
  • now my site is down completely ggrr #webhostinguk #fail #
  • ok lets see how good #webhostinguk are…..ive just requested that they upgrade me to PHP5 🙂 #
  • Well its Saturday morning 🙂 ahh no work…oh wait that's right I'm relaying the slabs in the garden, best some tunes on 🙂 #
  • #ff @kineticboom @tristanrothwell @scribbledfish @devoncamera #
  • Morning all 🙂 in Bristol today back down the M5 later whoop #
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