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My Weekly Tweetings

Published on January 11, 2010 by in Blog
  • Hi ho, hi ho….. #
  • Guitar is finally here 🙂 working the weekend so cant get my rock on 🙁 #
  • Had a nice evening at Mr & Mrs Gills, thanks guys 🙂 #
  • Follow @jason & @contests to win one of nine Nexus One unlocked phones! #freenexusone #
  • BBC say -14 tomorrow and Met Office say -4 …….surely this is the same information?!?! #
  • RT @maxitup: http://twitpic.com/wx6h1 this is both excellent and geeky…. #uksnow #
  • RT @thisisntexeter: RT @annholman: http://twitpic.com/wwhx4 – Exeter Cathedral this morning! #
  • Exeter buses heading out but coming back into town #
  • Lots of snow in Exeter then, cars having trouble getting up main heavitree!! #
  • Avatar 3D was wicked!! Great story and effects, all great films rolled into one. Toy story 3d is going to be a must! #
  • Looking forward to avatar 3d tonight 🙂 #
  • Snow in Exeter #
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