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Updates are good!

Published on November 30, 2010 by in MR2 Blog

As normally happens when I get spare cash other things cropped up and we moved out of our flat into a house with a garage at the back (rather than council rented 5minutes away)

I plan to get my beloved MR2 up and running before Japfest next year. I have managed to sauce a donor 3SGE engine from trevsmr2 (cheers mate!) and now have put together a list of parts needed for the rebuild and then some extra parts and “nice to have” bits….so here goes:

Gasket kit – Ordered
Water pump
Fly wheel
cam belt kit
bottom end rebuild(shells etc? not really sure whats required but the mechanic whos rebuilding it does)
Rear top mounts (+anything else needed to stop the dam knocking I have!)

Aircon re-gas
rev3 front splitter – Needs fitting
Black turbo lid – Needed

Nice to haves
New seats
tbar leak fixed

After a very chilly 8 ish hour round trip on Sunday I now have a replacement engine ready for rebuilding
A huge thanks to Trevsmr2 for the cuppa and engine  

I will update the list as parts arrive, hopefully the build will coincide with my 30th.

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