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So begins Project MR2

Published on July 24, 2008 by in MR2 Blog

As some of you know my poor MR2 is in need of some serious tlc, rust on the rear arch etc,
engine is pretty much dying to  🙄 , looking a bit tired etc lol did consider getting shot and finding something else,
but really cant find anything I want to drive (or is a much fun as the ‘2  😉  )

Heres how she looked when I brought her back in May ’06:

[simage=54,200,y,center] [simage=53,200,y,center]


First thing to go was that awfull tribal sticker, next transfer my private plate from the old ‘2, and get some stereo installed  Heres a few pics of how she is now after a little tlc, new wheels and ICE install:




Dont worry green is changing to silver at some point  😉
its got a bit much for me now lol

so……. here begins Project ‘2  :

<span class=”postbody”>Still got clear side repeaters to fit and building a CarPC install as well 😉
got the laptop for it, a little 12″ Dell, just need a touch screen then im good to go  :D</span>

After a trip down local body shop this morning, got a great quote to sort out the rust and spay up a few others bits 😉
need to purchase a new boot lid as mine is shafted lol, new spoiler to go on:


and when funds allow a nice new set of quad low rise lights   😀  😀


Then hopefully around Christmas time this bad boy is being fitted:
mmmmm V6 baby


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