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Home Blog All Hail to Blu-Ray, HD-DVD Dead

All Hail to Blu-Ray, HD-DVD Dead

Published on February 19, 2008 by in Blog

To quote a great film: “2 Formats enter………. 1 format leave”

Well the latest format battle was over quicker than the great VHS/Betamax format war of the ’80’s
Blu-Ray is the winner! w00t, im sure this was greatly helped by the Blu-Ray enabled PS3.

Im still not sure which was the better format but I suspect it was HD-DVD, with the announcment of Toshiba now pulling out of the war/race (whichever term you like) I am hoping that the price of BR players/recorders come tumbling down and the roumer mill is awash with roumers of a Blu-Ray enabled add-on for the Xbox360 and the possibility of it built into 360’s by as early as may 🙂

Links to various announcements:

BBC News

UPDATE: Toshiba Offical Press Release

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