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Well well well…..

Published on July 3, 2008 by in Blog

Lots been happening over the last week:
been to London for the day last Wednesday 25th as it was Stacey’s birthday.

Was a long day! got up there about 12 then headed to find the bus tour office!

was a fab tour, driver was a bit pants, but the guide was great! very informative and funny,was on the tour for about 2 hours then got off at Marble Arch to grab some lunch and do some shopping, over 60 shoe shops(so we are told) only found 4-5 on Oxford St. lol so headed into Exeter town on Thursday morning to buy some new trainers! came home with a couple of Wii games too, dont know how we managed that lol


Saturday saw the penultimate episode of Dr Who….. OMG!! so many old companions and so so many Daleks !!! including the evil mastermind Davros(creater of the Daleks), final cliffhanger was the Dr being hit by Dalek fire and starting to regenerate in the Tardis !! ive put a few small bets on who the next Dr will be, and yes… i know Tennant has signed for another 4 specials next year

Sunday was the monthly MR2OC Meet, headed down to Lyme Regis for fish n chips by the sea, via Taunton to meet up with the rest of the rable from up north….well Bristol ish!



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