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We are in !!!

Published on July 8, 2008 by in Blog

Me and Stacey moved into our flat last night, Toni, Alex & Ryan help us move some stuff over and get some shopping in. The fridge is filled lol, Alex helped me move & setup my TV & extra stuff(Wii,360 etc), cables all tied up nice and tidy!

Clothes and DVDs to be sorted out unpacked and moved today, there is a small problem with the lighting circuit which dad will be sorting out today.

Note to self: read instructions on washing machine lol

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3 Responses

  1. Fantastic news!!!!! Glad you’re finally in. We won’t be far behind you, with an expected moving date of 26th July. Shame it’s at the end of our week off work, but at least we know everything will be done before then.

  2. instructions???

  3. Andy doesn’t do instructions, that’s why we’ve got a washer dryer with buttons and a LCD display – if he understands it, and thinks of it as a gadget, he’s more likely to use it!!!!